Re: Bolex light leaks

From: Veronica Ibarra (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 20 2009 - 01:19:31 PDT

Thank you so much everyone for your incredibly useful and thoughtful replies.
I will run some tests taking the info into account.

More details:
I had never used this camera before.

I have hand-processed 2 100 ft rolls so far. Shot and processed at different times and at different places. Using 2 different Lomo tanks. I know that at least one of the tanks is used by other people without any trouble. I loaded and processed my partners film (shot using his Bolex)exactly the same way and with the same tank and his fim was just fine.

I don't think I loaded them in total darkness though as they are "daylight" spools. I didn't leave the film on a table or anything like that. I just took it out of box, and with the changing bag on top of me and just wnough light to see a bit what I was doing, I loaded it.

The second roll I taped all around camera. Maybe not perfectly though. The problem is even worse. It was a sunnier day. Maybe light gets in through viewfinder?
I think there is also a general light fogging on most of the film.

The light leak goes all across the film, not only within the frames.
they change on length and frecuency, but normally cover the hole frames. There is a sprocket hole shaped black square next to the real sprocket holes.
The very edge of the film is often black as well, this might be due to not loading it in darkness, I guess.

The camera has the 2 screws on the turret lens base. The filter holder is in place. The shutter lever is locked in place.

If I cannot solve it then I will take camera to get repaired. Maybe is the shutter, as suggested.

TESTS I will make
10 secs each
I will load-/unload camera inside changing bag, in the darkroom.


1- Shoot with eye really stuck to the viewfinder piece.

2- Shoot with viewfinder closed.

2- shoot for a few seconds with Bolex within changing bag. Only lens will be out of bag.

if still giving problems after 3:

4- Process film covering lomo tank with thick black bin liner.
if still problem
5- process film by lab

Do you have any ideas of how I could improve my experiments?

Thanks again to everyone, it is nice to know that people can be so nice and helpful.
I'll let you know the outcome.


PS. For David Woods. Thanks for your comments :) don't worry. My images will look just as nackered and distressed without the light flashes. That's how I like them!


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