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Date: Sat Jul 18 2009 - 08:49:38 PDT

CONGRATULATIONS on your festival and for making all these films available in Arkansas. It's great that you are exhibiting all these classic and contemporary works, keep it up! I'm sure that it will inspire all those who have not yet experienced this realm of the moving image. Right on! ________________________________ From: Arkansas Underground Film Festival <email suppressed> To: email suppressed Sent: Thursday, July 16, 2009 9:32:53 PM Subject: Arkansas Underground Film Fest debuts tommorrow Here's a sampling of what will be playing at the Arkansas Underground Film Festival this weekend. It is designed to provide a historical context for viewing avant-garde and underground film, while exposing audiences to contemporary work as well. It's the first event of it's kind to be held in the state of Arkansas. Full schedule and program notes at: Arkansas Underground Film Festival July 17-19, 2009 Malco Theater 819 Central Avenue Hot Springs Natʼl Park, AR Friday, July 17 “Focus on Surrealism” 5:00opening reception rare and unusual small-gauge projection exhibit, curated by David Nelson, Shreveport, LA On installation: Light 3m by Lee Bishop, Carrboro, NC (Just beyond the screen) the universe - as we know it - is ending 3m30s by Christine Lucy Latimer, Toronto, ON, CANADA 6:00 George Melies program George Melies (1861-1938) was a magician by trade, and is credited as the first to fully use film to explore its trick properties. . film include: The Conjurer 1m, 1899 A Trip to the Moon 11m, 1902 The Palace of the Arabian Nights 19m, 1905 The Doctor Secret 9m, 1910 The Conquest of the Pole 7m, 1912 7:00Surrealist Classics Un Chien Andalou 16m, 1929 by Salvador Dali/Luis Bunuel, France A Page of Madness 60m, 1926 by Kinugasa Teinosuke, Japan Screened with live electronic musical accompaniment by Shane English. 9:00Surrealist Short Film Program Infiltration 4.5m by Charles Chadwick, Los Gatos, CA The Salariat in Parts 11m by Zachary Epcar, San Francisco, CA The Land Beyond Explanation 13m30s by Madam X, Los Angeles, CA Ichthyopolis 9m22s by Andre Silva, Wilmington, NC Donkey Harvest 11m by Allan Brown, Montreal, QC, CANADA Un cadavre Exquis 10m by Volatile Works collective, Montreal, QC, CANADA The Presentation Theme 14m by Jim Trainor Chicago, IL Running Sushi 30m by Mara Mattuschka & Chris Haring, AUSTRIA Saturday, July 18 “Pop Culture and Outsider Film” 1:00opening reception 16mm installation by Projexorcism of Hickory, North Carolina. On installation: Video Art 5m by Jon Clark, Los Angeles, CA Lake 4m by Jake Barningham, Chicago, IL 2:00The Films of Andy Warhol Superstar: The Life and Times of Andy Warhol 87m by Chuck Workman, 1990 Outer and Inner Space 33m, double projection by Andy Warhol Haircut (no.1) 24m, by Andy Warhol 5:15“FluxFilm Program” 40m Often called the ʻanti-art,ʼ Fluxus artists focused on minimalism to highlight the perceived connection between art and everyday objects. works include: George Brecht -- 'Entry-Exit' Anonymous -- 'Eyeblink' George Maciumas -- 'Artype' Eric Andersen -- 'Opus 74, version 2' Chieko Shiomi -- 'Disappearing Music for Face' George Maciunas -- '10 Feet' Robert Watts -- 'Trace' Albert Fine -- 'Readymade' Paul Sharits -- 'Sears Catalogue 1-3', 'Dots 1 & 3', 'Wrist Trick', 'Unrolling Event' Yoko Ono -- 'Number 4' John Cale -- 'Police Car' Joe Jones -- 'Smoke' Paul Sharits -- 'Word Movie' 6:15William S. Burroughs Program (35 minutes) The the films of writer William S. Burroughs were never widely shown, but were recently rediscovered by Psychic TV in a private collection. Films include: “Towers Open Fire” 10m “The Cut Ups” 20m “Bill and Tony” 5m 7:00Projexorcism from Hickory, NC, live multi-projection film performance. 8:00Freezer Fright Freezer Fright 56m by Nancy Silver, Bonnerdale, AR 9:00“Catfish With Falcon Wings” films by Jason Laray Keener and Jeremiah Ledbetter, Anniston, AL Athazagoraphobia 3m I Donʼt Love Anyone Anymore 2m Hail Cracking Cobra Eggs 5m Hallelujah! Gorilla Revival 5m Hollow Porcelain Fish Chamber 4.5m 9:30 Outsider Short Film Program These films represent the vast underbelly of North American film culture. Screening made possible by the Bearded Child Film Festival, Grand Rapids, Minnesota. La Gallina Matadora 4m Matthew Silver & Manuel Pimentel, Bergenfield, NJ Everything You Need 3m by Luke Holden, Bemidji, MN Unless Youʼve Tried It, You Have No Idea How Hard It Is to Bury a Horse 3m by Luke Holden, Bemidji, MN Flesh Orgy of the Zombie Totem 14m by James W. Harris, Rydal, GA Time for Bed 10m by Montgomery Klinefelter, Rauch, MN The Spanky Monkey Movie -, 20m by Micki Tschur, Colorado Springs, CO Miss Edmonton Teen Burger 1983 in: Itʼs Party Time! 20m by Amy Lockhart, CANADA Royalty and Catass 20m by The Vititoe Brothers, Louisville, KY (!)The Milkman 8m by Ken Takahashi, CANADA Sunday, July 19 “Experimental Cinema” 12:30Doors Open On installation: Bold Stories 15m30s by Gennaro De Pasquale, Montreal, QC, CANADA Window 1m by Jeremy Newman, Mt. Laurel, NJ 1:00 Stan Brakhage Retrospective Stan Brakhage completed over 400 films during a 50 year period, and is widely regarded as the godfather of experimental film. Documentaries about Stan Brakhage include: Brakhage 22m excerpt, 1999, by Jim Shedden Stan Brakhage 15m, 2003, by Pip Chodorov Garden Path 8m, 2001, by Mary Beth Reed Brakhage shorts include: Interim 25.5, 1952 Mothlight 4m,1963 The Stars are Beautiful 19m, 1974 The Dante Quartet 8m, 1987 I... Dreaming 8m,1988 Lovesong 7m,2001 Chinese Series 2m, 2003 The Jesus Trilogy and Coda 2001, 20m 4:30Avant-Garde Classics *Oscar Fischinger “Radio Dynamics” 4m, 1942 *Len Lye Retrospective 13.5m films include: Color Cry (1952), Particles in Space (1979), Tal Farlow (1980), Rhythm (1957), Free Radicals (1958) *Joseph Cornell Retrospective 25m films include: Cotillion (1940), The Midnight Party (1940), Childrenʼs Party (1940) *Maya Deren “Meshes in the Afternoon” 14m, 1942 *Norman McLaren “Neighbors” 8m, 1952 *George Kuchar “Wild Night in El Reno” 6m, 1977 *George Kuchar “The Mongreloid” 10m, 1978 *Jim Henson "Time Piece" 9m, 1966 6:30Experimental Short Film Program Shade 2m by David Warren, Florida Arterial Disposition of Thought and Being 6m20s by Mason Shefa, Studio City, CA (15-year-old filmmaker) What I Saw on October 32,1988 8m by Neil Ira Needleman, Katonah, NY Isabell 6m by Kathleen Rugh, Ithaca, NY Spaces 4m by Josh Romphf, London, ON, CANADA All the House 6m by Caroline Koebel, Brooklyn, NY Destination Finale 9m15s by Philip Widmann, Berlin, GERMANY Themes and Variations for the Naked Eye 11m by Caitlin Horsmon, Kansas City, MO Plastic Opera 6m by Matthew Perino, Boulder, CO One Last Shock 5m30s by Adam Paradis, Boston, MA Emergence 4m by Marcin Blajecki, Poland In the Pink 3m30s by R.C. Johnson, Duluth, MN short break Troll Eyes 30m by Trevor Adams, Minneapolis, MN Fraunmuskel 6m by Frank Biesendorfer, Colorado Springs, CO Lezzieflick 6m by Nana Swiczinsky, AUSTRIA __________________________________________________________________ For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.

For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.