From: Hassan Said (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 14 2009 - 23:55:56 PDT


I am emailing you because starting july 16th, i will be gone to angola,
africa for 5 weeks
the reason being is, i am producing a short Portuguese film, directed by
mario bastos called ALAMBAMENTO (the dowry).
I have been producing the film for the past year, and the shooting will
start within weeks.

synopsis: Matias’ family has prepared a sizable dowry, or Alambamento, for
his future wife Mena’s family, as is customary in Angola. When he drives his
cousin’s Toyota to deliver it to Mena in the rough shantytown where she
lives, he accidentally hits a young boy who is playing soccer. The town’s
people quickly gather around Matias to take retribution, and he panics both
for his own safety and for the safety of his dowry.

i have created a blog, which will be the way i communicate the most out of
africa to all my friends, collegues and fellow filmmakers.
please check it as often as possible , i will have updates, photos, stories,
and more

also, if you will be in LA or ANAHEIM, CA the last week of august, my short
film MUTE will be screening at indie fest usa on august 24th, check for details.

thank you all

Hassan M. Said
(845) 597-9468
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