Luke Fowler presents Lindsay Anderson's Is That All There Is? at Light Industry TOMORROW (7/14)

From: Thomas Beard (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Jul 13 2009 - 08:35:43 PDT

Light Industry
220 36th Street, 5th Floor
Brooklyn, New York

Is That All There Is? (Lindsay Anderson, 1992)
Introduced by Luke Fowler
Presented in collaboration with X-initiative
Tuesday, July 14, 2009 at 7:30pm

For this event, Luke Fowler will discuss the subtle influences and bearing
that British filmmaker and founding member of the Free Cinema group Lindsay
Anderson has on his practice. The talk will then be followed by a screening
of the rare BBC documentary Is That All There Is?, an autobiographical
portrait of Anderson himself.

"Lindsay Anderson made his last film, a television documentary for BBC
Scotland entitled Is That All There Is?, in 1992. He was asked to produce a
documentary 'self-portrait' which allowed him the freedom to create a purely
personal piece of work, something he had struggled to do since Britannia
Hospital. The film follows a 'typical' day in Anderson's life and starts
with Anderson waking to the sound of the news on the radio. A bath, a trip
to the shops, and visits from friends and family follow. Anderson is then
joined by David Sherwin. Writer and director review the various unrealised
projects they are trying to produce with Anderson reading aloud various
rejection letters he has received. The film ends with Anderson and friends
on a boat on the Thames, scattering the ashes of the actors Rachel Roberts
and Jill Bennett into the river. The film is a poignant portrait of the
artist as an old man, full of sly humour, sentiment and simmering anger at
the wider injustices in the world." - Karl Magee, Archivist, Lindsay
Anderson Archives, Stirling University, Scotland
Tickets - $7, available at door.
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