Asian Forum EXiS2009

From: Hang Jun Lee (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jul 07 2009 - 23:43:14 PDT

*Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul(EXiS)* celebrates its
6thfestival this year gathering artists, festival organizers and
curators from
Asian countries for the screening of experimental film and video and for the
discussion of its issues.

Throughout this year’s festival there will be lots of communication related
to the distribution, screening, education, etc. in various ways, and through
this year’s gathering we hope everyone will develop a profound relationship.

Anyone interested in our festival is welcomed to visit and you can contact
the Forum organizer, Hangjun Lee email suppressed for further

The details on all of the programs have not been confirmed yet, but we hope
to provide the overall structure of the screening programs and information
on the forum.

Thank you.

*Asian Forum EXiS 2009*

* *

The dates for the 2009 festival is from September 10th~16th, and the Asian
Forum is scheduled for September 11th~14th. The dates and program details
for the Asian Forum are currently unconfirmed, but they will be confirmed by
the end of July.

* *

  Asian Forum is a networking program for Asian artists, film festival
organizers and people worldwide to gather, discuss and develop a sustainable
relationship for artists related to various forms of experimental media.
This program will promote ongoing international exchange and provides a
platform for creative discussions about the critical issues related to
experimental media production, exhibition, criticism and educational

Additionally, The Asian Forum is held simultaneously with the 6th EXiS
Festival and provides free Festival passes to all registered attendees of
the Asian Forum. The Asian Forum will feature morning and afternoon panel
discussions with plenty of time for communicating with other attendees and
attending contemporary experimental programs at EXiS 2009 with more sessions
held throughout Seoul in the evenings and on the weekend.

Please share this information throughout your networks and share your
ambitions of experimental media with us this September in Seoul!

*Screening Program*

*I. **Thailand** _ Bangkok Experimental Film Festival Program *

“The Art of Interruption: notes on the 5th Bangkok Experimental Film
Festival” Curated by David Teh

<19.09.2549> – Bopitr Visenoi; <Bangkok Tanks> – Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit;

<The Duck Empire Strikes Back> - Nuttorn Kangwanklai;

<Escape from Popraya 2526> - Paisit Punpruksachat ;

<Krasob> - Nitipong Thinthupthai; <The Love Culprit> - Sanchai
Chotirosseranee; <Observation of the Monument> - Michael Shaowanasai;

<Observation of the Monk> - Pramote Saengsorn;

<Black Mirror> - Anocha Suwichakornpong;

<Man with a Video Camera> - Jakrawal Niltumrong;

<Promethean Invention> - Tintin Cooper; <Roy Tai Phrae> - Uruphong Raksasad

*II. **Taiwan** _ “The State of Freezing” Program by Tony Wu*

*III. **China** _ Collective program by Cao Kai*

*IV. **Japan** _Contemporary experimental film program by Yo Ota*

*_“Focus on Masaru NOTO”*

*V. **India** _India Experimental Film Festival Program by Shai Heredia

“Experimental India ar ExiS 2009” Curated by Shai Heredia

<And I Make Short Films> – S.N.S. Sastry; <Trip> – Promod Pati; <Abid> –
Promod Pati;

<Atereyee> – Shumona Goel; <About Elsewhere> – Priya Sen; <Bare> – Santana

*VI. **Malaysia**_Collective program by Sow-Yee Au*

“Miss/Placed : Illumination of Senses” – Curated by Au Sow-Yee

<24 / 7> – Alison Khor Hooi Shan; <Block B> – Chris Chong Chan Fui;

<Passing II> – Au Sow-Yee; <In Solitude, a Camera Eye> – Kok Siew Wai;

<SongKines> – Au Sow-Yee; <Butterfly> – Chan Seau Huvi

*VII. **Singapore** _Film Performance*

<Vowels & Consonants>, <End Rolls> – Lynn Loo

*VIII. **Hong Kong **_“Girls Move”* *Collective Program by MAN Ching Ying

<IdoLetHerMyHeadHave> – Rita HUI;

<Sentimental Journey: My 22nd year Project> – TSANG Wing Man;

<Drained II> – Ellen PAU; <She Said Why Me> – May FUNG;

<Non-Place – Other Space> – Linda LAI; <Rati version 3.2> – Phoebe Man

*Two Person Show Screening_Talk Program*

* *

*“The Discovery of the Individual, Frame, Landscape”*

I. *Daichi Saito** **+ **Tomonari Nishikawa*

II. *Tony Wu** + **Jaekyu Byun*

*Panel discussion *

*There will be discussions on the two topics provided below. *

*1. **On the screening and distribution of Experimental films, and the
identity of the festival particularly through the characteristics of its
*2. **On the artist community and the methods towards building a solid and
continuous collective, based on practical instances.*

*Discussion Participants:*

*Shai Heredia*(Experimenta Director, India) _ *Scott Miller Berry*(Images
Festival Director, Canada)

*Donghyun Park*(EXiS Director, Korea) _ *David Teh* (BEFF5 Curator, Thai)
*Cao Kai*(Nankin China Independent Film Festival) *_ Tony Wu*(artist,
Taiwan) _ *Yo Ota*(artist, Japan)
*Phoebe Ching Ying MAN*(artist, Hongkong) *_ Tomonari Nishikawa*(artist,

*Ichiro Sueoka*(artist, ex-representative of FMIC), _ *Daichi Saito*(artist,

*Jangwook Lee*(Handmade Film Lab director, Korea) *_ Jaekyun Byun*(artist,

*Lynn Loo*(artist, Singapore) *_ Sow-Yee Au*(artist, Malaysia) *_ Stom

* *

*Korea’s Experimental media issue*

*On the historical heritage and education of South Korea’s experimental film
and on the critical issues in experimental media.*

*Tammy*(SFAI), *Wontai Seo*(Hanyang university), *Junho Oh*(Sungshil

*Forum Survey*

1. What do you consider as the key or burning issue in experimental film,
video, new media and/or related time-based media art?

2. How would you describe the historical heritage and characteristics in
Asian experimental media scene compared to Western culture?

3. How would you describe the private or public support towards education,
production, distribution and screening of experimental media in your

4. What do you think is the most critical issue concerning the education,
distribution, production and screening related to experimental media art? If
so, please include the reason and your recommendation towards improvement.

5. Describe the leading experimental media artists in your country and their

6. Which topics do you desire to be discussed at the Asian Forum?

7. In South Korea, experimental film is popularly known as independent film
(low-budget short and full-length film drama, documentary, etc.). These
experimental films are excluded from the exhibitions of video art and media
art, which means that experimental films rarely have a chance of screening
at a gallery or an art museum. How is experimental film viewed in your
country and are there any regulations of experimental film? And, do you have
any recommendations for improvement?

8. Do you feel the need for experimental media creation, distribution,
production and screening to be communicated in Asia through a single
network? Please describe your reason.

9. What are your opinions of the Asian Forum taking place once a year as an
international program beginning this year? Please describe your reason.

10. How would you describe what you do?

11. As an artist, what types of work did you formerly have and how were they
helpful to your current position?

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