collage film history

From: William Kaizen (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jul 02 2009 - 13:44:39 PDT

My discipline is art history, where the term pastische means the use
of various historical styles in a single work. In the 70s/80s it was
used by Frederic Jameson to describe a common strategy in
Postmodernism where styles that would have been historically
incompatible are used together, like figuration and abstraction. Re.
film and video, I was thinking, for example of Paik's combination of
abstraction, found footage and live footage, or the mix of
documentary, found footage and fiction in work by Baldwin. I don't use
the term pejoratively, nor do I think it has that connation any
longer, if it once did. FYI.

   --- Bill

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