collage film history

From: William Kaizen (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 30 2009 - 10:46:53 PDT

Hi everyone,

Glad to see my initial comments sparked so many responses. The reason
why I post is because I am looking at films from the 1950s through the
1970s in relation to Pop Art. I am considering the emergence of
collage film in relation to Pop. I am very loosely trying to
periodize/historicize the differences between montage (c. 1910s/20s w/
Eisenstein, Griffith, etc.), collage (c. 1950s/1960s, w/ Breer,
Jordan, etc.) and pastiche (c. 1970s to present w/ Paik, Baldwin,
etc.). I know these time frames are very loose as are the formal
categories, so that's why I was asking about specific historical
examples of the use of the term "collage film." Mekas uses it in
conversation with Jordan in the 60s in Film Culture. The reference to
Cornell describing his own films as collages is excellent. Thanks for
that! If I had to make distinctions, I was thinking of collage as
being more about the appropriation and reuse of "found" footage, but I
suppose the application of actual materials to the surface of the film
strip (a la Brakahage) would count too.

   --- Bill

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