Re: Frameworks as academic example

From: Patricia R. Zimmermann (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jun 28 2009 - 13:49:44 PDT

Well stated.

It is wonderful that lively listserv discussions that hit on the pulse of the field can enter into other realms of discourse.

Bravo, Lucas.

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> One assumes that a university press would have
> understood that
> such posts are the copyrighted property of the
> author, and limited
> quotations from posts according to some reasonable
> view of what
> constitutes "fair use."
> This really is LOL time. Any Frameworks postings
> lend themselves to fair use when they are written
> about in such a way that the secondary usage is one
> of comment and explication.
> This is clearly what Lucas is doing in his book. If
> he's commenting upon the entire exchange, then he
> can use the entire exchange.
> There's no issue here. There is no copyright
> infringement.
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