Re: a few lots of 16mm for sale

From: Madison Matthews (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Jun 26 2009 - 16:59:44 PDT

Hi Kristie,
I have a feeling that you are likely to have received several inquiries and
offers already so I'll just keep it brief for you; I am actually really
interested in the 'production' stuff, if you are referring to the
industrial/news stuff. I am making some films about insidious contemporary
markets, or unethical commodifications that are growing if you like - and I
really want to make it a kind of historical superimposition type of
argument, where the allegory really stands on the legs of found footage to
speak for the present. Anyway, old worn industrial bits sound perfect and
even if they're not, I'm willing to take the risk and check them out.

The one catch is that I am in Canada! Is there any way I could simply
offset the extra shipping costs? I know you made a strict ruling on this
one but I just thought I'd ask...

Let me know,


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