Long Island Screening: Two Films on the Water

From: Ann Deborah Levy (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Jun 20 2009 - 07:47:43 PDT

I will be presenting my "Two Films on the Water" at the Port
Washington Library on Long Island, this coming Monday night at 7:30.
Hope any of you in the Long Island vicinity will come.



        Port Washington Library
        One Library Drive, Port Washington, Long Island, NY
        in the Lapham Meeting Room
        Monday, June 22nd at 7:30 pm
        free admission

On the two films:

WATERSCAPE: illusions
Ann Deborah Levy’s camera captures compelling images of a mysterious
wilderness lake and its elegant swans. The water serves as a canvas
on which upside-down reflections of trees, clouds, and colors in the
landscape are acted upon by wind and light. In this setting a
filmmaker films the antics of a family of swans, ponders the script
she is writing, attempts the optimal light meter reading, and becomes
frustrated when the swans’ activities make them difficult to film. As
she explores thousands of years of swan folklore, off-screen voices
bring to life notable “expert” swan observers ranging from Aristotle
to Samuel Taylor Coleridge. Their conclusions are often more
entertaining than accurate. But where is this special place and is it
what it appears to be? And how accurate is the film as document of
reality? Untroubled by such questions, the swans go on with their
very real routines in this magical setting. With original musical
score by Samantha Sutton, sound design Bill Seery. (52 minutes)

Colors, patterns, and images, reflected on the surface of a pond,
mirror changes in season and weather over the course of a year to
create a "painting in motion." In this silent film the images provide
visual cues from which viewers can imagine their own sound tracks — a
music of sounds of wind and water acting on the pond and landscape.
(13 minutes)

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