Re: another quirky question....

From: Freya (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 18 2009 - 18:15:50 PDT

> Freya,
> I haven't fullly recovered from the disappearance of
> reversal color printing and have to get used to the idea
> that there is first the inter-neg stage and then the
> printing stage, unless one were to do what JP mentioned,
> treating the painted original as if it were a negative,
> which reminds me of a little factoid, namely that
> apparently Jerome Hill was said to be adept at this
> kind of reverse color thinking. I also do like the idea you

Actually back when I was going to do this sort of thing I had the same thing in mind. I love negative colours and I love deep blacks! :)

> mention about using the "distortion" resulting from default
> anamorphic chance operations and "calling it" "intentional".

To be fair it's not that much chance in the process, everything will just be twice as wide. :) I just think that will be intresting with painted film.

> "framer". As mentioned I long ago traded my JK for a
> couple of magic beans, darn! and then there is also a

Don't knock the magic beans. I only made it through 2007 thru magical thinking and chocolate. If the magic beans are cocoa beans it's okay by me! :)

Watch out for dental problems tho!

> life-style choice here having to do with how much sunshine
> one wants or needs.

You could sit and paint film in the sun tho! :)

> Sorry for the rant.

It's okay, not a big one for these times! :)

> I do not quite understand how a contact printer could
> double print every frame. Anyone else know availability of
> such a lab process?

Yes! I too was suprised at this! Certainly the contact printers I've seen this would be impossible, however the guy who told me about this had a good deal of experience making 35mm prints, I can see it could be possible if a frame was exposed at a time and the print stock could move independantly of the neg. It doesn't seem right to me either tho. Aledgedly it is very limited too. I remember him talking about is so that there were only certain pre-sets, relating to 2 or 3 frame rates. *shrug* Even if it is possible on some machines you'd need to talk to your lab about it to see if they can do it on theirs.




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