Question about the relationship between Coni Beeson's HOLDING and Barbara Hammer's DYKETACTICS

From: Alison Hoffman (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Jun 17 2009 - 19:51:58 PDT

In an earlier post from January 2009 regarding Coni Beeson's work, Chuck
Kleinhans mentioned that Barbara Hammer's DYKETACTICS was (partially) a
response to one of Coni Beeson's films (he mentions TOUCHING, but I think he
really means HOLDING, her "lesbian sex film"). I'm really curious about
this connection. I'm studying both of their films, but in all of my
research so far, I haven't found an explicit link that attests to this,
except for Chuck's post.

So, Chuck, since you've done some wonderful work on Barbara's films (a great
resource for me, BTW), I'd be grateful if you expounded on this a bit. If
anyone else can offer any anecdotes, info., etc. about the link between
Beeson's HOLDING and Hammer's films from the seventies, I'd be more than
happy to read and learn.


Alison R. Hoffman
Cinema & Media Studies

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