Re: TOKYO! The Highly Anticipated DVD Available June 30th!

From: Tony Conrad (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Jun 16 2009 - 18:30:32 PDT

Well, "Nathan"------------

I hope you're getting PAID for this "internship."

Is your supervising faculty member at FSU aware of how you are using the
university's name in connection with this ad campaign?


On Tue 06/16/09 7:54 PM , TokyoMovieDVD email suppressed sent:
> Dear Professor,
> My name is Nathan.  I am a student who is enrolled in the
> Torchlight Program at Florida State University's Film School, and
> am interning with a motion picture marketing company that is
> representing the national DVD release for the feature film
> “Tokyo!” for  its distributor, Liberation Entertainment. Tokyo!
> is currently in release in theaters throughout the United States and
> receiving audience and critical success.
> This film is a unique project in which three different directors –
> Michel Gondry (Oscar winner, story for ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE
> SPOTLESS MIND), Leos Carax and Bong Joon-Ho – offer their unique
> interpretations of life in the world's most populous metropolitan
> area. I believe you will find that this film offers some interesting
> connections to your field of study and might want to possibly point
> this out to your students and colleagues.   
> I thought the highly anticipated film might specifically interest
> you because of your love of film as a scholar and instructor. From
> the thematic integration of each segment to the beautifully stylized
> cinematography, each of the three directors offers a unique, inspired
> and commanding look at the subject through their respective lens.
> “Tokyo!” may very well become a contemporary classic in the art
> of filmmaking. It was an official selection at the Cannes Film
> Festival section “Un Certain Regard”. 
> The following is a brief synopsis, which you are welcome to cut and
> paste to use in describing the film to others:  
> “Do people shape the city they live in or does the city shape its
> citizens? In TOKYO!, three visionary directors explore this concept
> through the prism of the titular city, a constantly-evolving,
> densely-populated megalopolis.  Each director tells a different
> story, delving into their distinctive, personalized takes on this
> concept. Michel Gondry’s INTERIOR DESIGN focuses on a young woman
> who undergoes of a bizarre transformation while trying to maintain
> her relationship with an aspiring filmmaker. Leos Carax’s MERDE
> tells the tale of a mysterious creature that terrorizes Tokyo until
> his capture and trial allows him to reveal the reasons behind his
> campaign of mayhem. Bong Joon-Ho’s SHAKING TOKYO is the story of a
> hermit who is forced to fight his fear of the outside world when an
> earthquake brings a mysterious woman into his home – and his heart.
> Rhapsody, psychogeography, urban valentine, freak show, mindwalk:,
> TOKYO! is all these things and more. It will make you see one of the
> world’s greatest cities — and the idea of the city itself —
> with a fresh and compelling point of view.”  
> The film “Tokyo!” hit theaters in early March to critical and
> audience acclaim. Now, Tokyo!, the surrealistic look at urban life,
> is available on DVD and Blu-ray beginning June 30th. 
> We believe it is a fine film that deserves the widest possible
> audience. It would be of great help to us if you could please let
> your students know about this DVD release or just forward this email
> to them so they may consider renting or purchasing this film. 
> Thank you so much for your help in bringing this film’s
> availability to the attention of your students, colleagues, and
> peers. 
> Sincerely,
> Nathan
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