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We do have several members who are doing this.
We are using a Nikkon D90 and have created a "contraption" to access the
computer, which in turn triggers the camera and projector.
Our most ambitious filmmaker and builder of the switcher contraption, is

    -shooting a short on Super 8 (Colour Ektachrome)
    -scanning frame x frame (Raw JPeg)
    - creating a 2K file for Digital Interneg to 35mm Release print
Here are the trends in Winnipeg
        - Mostly Super 8 or Reg 8 or Hand Processed anything (Most 16mm
Neg Shooters want clean Xfers)
        - Only Positive Film
        - Small projects only (1 hour per roll of Super 8)
Winnipeg is a town without labs or transfer houses, so it makes sense
for the inner control freak who can't afford a plane ticket to a major
One "Red Flag" is that there are a limited amount of "shutter snaps"
that can be achieved with a DSLR.
It can be replaced and a new body is only $1000.....used bodies are
gonna be $600 or so.
Other than that a DSLR Xfer is only as good as the operator and
stability of your JK printer.
We're still young to the process, so if anyone else has advice, it would
be appreciated..
Mike Maryniuk
Winnipeg Film Group

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on a similar topic, I've been curious - is anybody out there doing much
in the way of optically printing with digital SLR's? And if so, how
does it compare to, say, a 4k or 2k telecine?

If you have access to the resources, I'd think that would be a good way
to go. You'd have a hi-res "master" with a longer shelf life than HD,
and it's a little more DIY than paying a lab for a transfer, and fun.

I don't have any first hand experience doing this, but I can dream...

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