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Still, if you look e.g. at Europe they never charge entry fees as they don't
have to. Because here all kind of governments/authorities (municipal, state,
federal) recognize the importance of screening moving images which are not
only part of the economy but part of the arts as well (some films are more
artistic than others, as we are all aware.). Consequently, they provide
more or less sufficient funding. The problem - if it is one - in the States
to me looks like one born out of one-sidedness or blindness or one eye -
purely political.





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well we get this on the fee question on frameworks about once a year so I
guess it is time.


While I really really understand the emotional and rational arguments
against entry fees

if we as a community want quality festivals we need to support them.

there is a perception that arts administrators are just getting fat off of

and perhaps some do but none I have met , most arts admin of small orgs do
more work than any jobs I know.

with almost no recognition. While the fest director is out doing the q and a
and shaking hands, somebody is working backstage all night to make things

yes for a the first year you can get friends to donate this and that and get
something up and running, but then the audiences gets to expect the picture
and sound are good and the show goes on , on time and the program book/ web
site is up and correct , and we have not lost you tape and spelled you name
correctly, and we got an audience for you.

And while we do have some volunteer help, we do have to pay some people to
make sure they really s get the work done on time. All these people are
underpaid, and grossly overworked. and for the most part unappreciated by
the artists they serve.

and for the record as artistic director of the dallas video festival I don't
take a salary.

and while we do charge and entry we do pay an honorarium for all the work we

(oh and we are accepting entries now)



and while we would probably still exist without entry fees it would have
some consequence, less programs (would you like to have the one that was
cut) smaller venues, not as good tech gear, no money for a publicist, and
intern instead of a staff person checking to see that you work got here and
is working correctly....

Nobody wants to pay an entry fee and many are to expensive and who knows who
looks at your program.

I can tell you if you submit to my festival I will watch the whole thing.

Bart Weiss


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