Re: festival responses

From: Ken Bawcom (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Jun 14 2009 - 22:07:20 PDT

Quoting Bryan McKay <email suppressed>:

> As a director of a [redacted] Underground Film Festival in a big
> city, though maybe not the same you're thinking of, venue costs are
> enormous, when we can even get venues to cooperate with us in the
> first place. The money we raise from submission fees covers some of
> our operating costs, but we still bring in a lot of additional
> sponsorship money to pay for the festival. If we chose to do away
> with submission fees (which I sonetimes wish we could) running a
> week-long film festival would no longer be viable.
> Best,
> Bryan

The above is true for the Ann Arbor Film Festival as well, perhaps
more so now, than ever. Much of the funding for nonprofits is drying
up with the depressed economy, state funding as well as corporate and
other donors. I would be really surprised if any avant-garde
experimental film festival actually made a profit.

Ken B.

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