Film Print Search "The Last Date"

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Date: Thu Jun 11 2009 - 17:33:51 PDT

Hello all:
I'm posting this for a friend in LA.
If anyone can has a print or tape please contact us directly.
Any suggestions for sources are also appreciated. Info below.

I'mlooking far and wide for a print or copy of the 1950 short film LAST DATE
by Lewis D. Collins. It's the famous driver-ed film about teenagers driving
recklessly, which issues a famous warning against "TEENACIDE."

Our print is too fragile to run, and I'm trying to arrange to screen it here
in Los Angeles at the end of June. For the purpose of this particular
screening, a DVD would be fine, or (for example) a Beta SP copy. It doesn't
matter if the source material was scratched or dirty, as long as the
transfer was good.

Shannon Kelley
Head of Public Programs
UCLA Film & Television Archive
Shannon Kelley <email suppressed>

Best regards,

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