Re: Sound

From: Mike Wechsler (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 11 2009 - 13:34:59 PDT

Thereıs a chance that the program that you used to encode the DVD jacked up
the bitrate at that point and the bitrate may be exceeding what your DVD
player can decode smoothly. It would play better on a computer because your
computer has much much more decoding power than a set top DVD player.

With DVDs, though your bitrate is capped at 9mpbs, in practice I usually set
my max encoding to 7.5mbps for content under 30 minutes... Iım sure others
on the list can weigh in on their best practices for DVD encoding. Iıd try
re-encoding using something like Compressor (or another program where you
can control the bitrate) to make the MPEG-2 and set your max bitrate to 7.5
and see if it fixes the problem.

Hope that helps!

On 6/11/09 4:00 PM, "Matt Helme" <email suppressed> wrote:

> I ran into an interesting problem. On one video i made, the live action
> portion of the video plays just fine in my DVD player and laptop, but when i
> get to the picture montage portion, the soundtrack is choppy when played in my
> DVD player and plays fine on my laptop.Can anyone help solve that problem.
> Thanks
> Matt
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