Re: festival responses

From: Isabel Fondevila (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Jun 04 2009 - 13:57:44 PDT

At the ATA Film & Video Festival, we spend time notifying all the
filmmakers, whether their film has been accepted or rejected. We mail a
letter to the ones that are in the final selection and send a personalized
e-mail to the ones whose work doesnít make it. We assumed this was common
practice. We give feedback if requested.

We always encourage filmmakers to submit again to the festival and to
ATAís general programming and Open Screening. And some filmmakers do, so
we get to see their trajectory. In some cases, we refer them to other
venues or festivals.

Regarding the screening, itís up to the artist to decide on screening
format. That ITUNES system sounds pretty good though.


> Hi folks I have been reading this threat with interest and can fill
> you in my my side here at the Dallas VIdeo Festival (which by way is
> not just called VideoFest)
> we do send either letters or emails to all our filmmaker who enter our
> fest (and we do pay a small honorarium to all we show by the way)
> and indeed the letter is a hard one to write. We do give feedback when
> asked, sometimes it may take a while and I am sure there was probably
> a time when I meant to and forgot. Sometimes people don't want ot
> hear what you have to say, and sometimes they really do. And by the
> way there have been times when I have not programmed a work but
> suggested it to another festival where I thought if fit better.
> as for playback we don;t use dvd, not only does it look bad but it is
> unreliable.
> We here have devised a new system which we feel gives us the best
> projecting.
> For screening work we ask for a quicktime file on a drive or disc. We
> then play the file off of ITUNES. Yes Itunes. It really works
> beautifully. It switches from 16/9 to 3/4 on the fly, we can adjust
> volume individually and it particularly work well in putting together
> a compilation of shorts. The picture looks magnificent. it also means
> less staff time building tape reels like we used to. Some makers may
> be concerned about sending a file to us thinking we can do anything
> with it we want, but all I can say is we have been doing the fest for
> 22 years and have, I hope, a good reputation.
> Bart Weiss
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