This week [May 30 - June 7, 2009] in avant garde cinema

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This week [May 30 - June 7, 2009] in avant garde cinema

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Experimental Media Congress

Museum of Contemporary Cinema Foundation (Deadline: June 30, 2009)

CologneOFF (Cologne, Germany; Deadline: September 01, 2009)
One Minute Challenge (London; Deadline: November 30, 2009)
International Short Film Festival Winterthur (Switzerland; Deadline: July 31, 2009)
Accessibility 2009: Cross Currents (Sumter, SC USA; Deadline: October 01, 2009)
Magazine BLU BLUfilm Shortfest (Pleasanton, CA, USA; Deadline: September 01, 2009)

Ventura Film Festival (Ventura, CA; Deadline: June 01, 2009)
Rencontres Internationales Sciences et Cinémas (Marseille, France; Deadline: June 01, 2009)
Antimatter Film Festival (Victoria, BC, Canada; Deadline: June 05, 2009)
Ellensburg Film Festival (Ellensburg, WA, USA; Deadline: July 03, 2009)
16th Chicago Underground Film Festival (Chicago, IL USA; Deadline: June 15, 2009)
Regent Park Film Festival (Toronto, ON, Canada; Deadline: June 01, 2009)
Betting on Shorts (London; Deadline: July 01, 2009)
L'Alternativa, Barcelona Independent Film Festival (Barcelona, Spain; Deadline: July 01, 2009)
OFF: Oblò Film Festival, a true-school indie film festival (Lausanne, Switzerland; Deadline: July 01, 2009)
Strasbourg International Film Festival (Strasbourg, Alsace, FRANCE; Deadline: June 08, 2009)
London Film Festival (London, UK; Deadline: June 26, 2009)
Gallery RFD (Swainsboro, GA; Deadline: June 25, 2009)
The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers (Calgary, AB CANADA; Deadline: June 30, 2009)
Around the Coyote (Chicago; Deadline: June 01, 2009)
abstracta (roma; Deadline: June 30, 2009)

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 * Avant To Live: New Experimental Works [May 30, San Francisco, California]
 * The Illuminated Corridor [May 30, oakland, ca]
 * Indie Monthly Film Series [May 31, Eugene, Oregon]
 * Los Angeles Filmforum Presents Dialogues, By Owen Land [May 31, Los Angeles, California]
 * Nervy Animations [June 3, San Francisco, California]
 * Leslie Thornton's Peggy and Fred In Hell [June 5, Chicago, Illinois]
 * Robert Frank Retrospective: Program 5 [June 6, San Francisco, California]
 * Los Angeles Filmforum Presents the Festival of (In)Appropriation [June 7, Los Angeles, California]

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SATURDAY, MAY 30, 2009

San Francisco, California: Other Cinema
8:30 PM, 992 Valencia St.

  Here's an energized evening of new cinematic efforts that champion
  personal expression and radical form. Constituting the season's most
  exploratory programming initiative—and with many of the makers in
  person—are Martha Colburn's Triumph of the Wild, Dale Hoyt's Male Glaze,
  Doug Katelus' Lost in the Flood, Shalo P's Nevermore, Roger Beebe's
  Money Changes Everything, Caspar Stracke's Zuse Strip, and Karla
  Betancourt's Bolivar and Other Interruptions. ALSO recent pieces by Tony
  Gault, James Hong / Yin-Ju Chen, Karl Lind, Richard Mitchell, et al.

oakland, ca: Illuminated Corridor
7pm - 9:30pm, middle harbor shoreline park | 7th street and middle harbor rood

  free | don't be late | rain or shine | fm radio essential :: read the
  faq, man :: a multi-layered work
  at the intersection of oakland's history and habitat with over 30
  artists convening to illuminate this remarkable public park in sight and
  sound :: featuring work and performances by: the shallow tide (cheryl e.
  leonard and rebecca haseltinein performance with ann dentel and karen
  stackpole :: building 122 gilbert guerrero and kathleen quillian ::
  triangulation alfonso alvarez, keith arnold and kahlil karn, jen cohen,
  steven dye, ian winters and evelyn ficarra :: the subtidal goals work by
  john "b" berzins, georgie friedman, diana stasko and others knitted
  together by killer banshees and live performance by lisa k. blatt, wayne
  grim and dia felix, lee montgomery :: port radio zachary james watkins
  live mix of work by sean clute, grant finlay, chas kremenak, phog
  masheen, dallas simpson, bill thompson, biggi vinkeloe, michael zelner
  and more, since that is how these things go :: bike bike bike bike is
  best :: and really, please don't be late. gates close when parking lot
  is full :: made possible by the generous support of the east bay
  community foundation fund for artists, the san francisco foundation, the
  zellerbach family foundation and the illuminated corridor commissioning

SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2009

Eugene, Oregon: DIVA Center
7:00 P.M. , 110 W. Broadway

  The Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts, DIVA, is starting a series
  of independent film screenings in the fall of 2009. We are calling for
  submissions from filmmakers whose works have had exposure and received
  recognition at regional festivals. Artists who want a good venue in
  Oregon's second largest city are encouraged to send their works in a DVD
  format to the DIVA Gallery at the following address. Downtown Initiative
  for The Visual Arts 110 W. Broadway - Eugene, Oregon 97401 541.344.3482
  If you have any further questions, you can contact the Media Arts
  Committee secretary, Steve Poizat-Newcomb, at email suppressed

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:30 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. at Las Palmas, , Los Angeles CA 90028.

  Los Angeles Filmforum presents Dialogues, by Owen Land – Los Angeles
  Premiere! Owen Land in person. A feature-length (2009, 133 minutes,
  video) self-reflexive experimental film by Apollo Jize (aka Owen Land)
  with music by Meredith Monk and many more. On one level, DIALOGUES is a
  parody of Scorpio Rising, using era-specific hit records to locate
  scenes in time; on another level, it's an interpretation of Plato's
  dialogue 'Phaedo', in which Socrates proves the doctrine of
  re-incarnation; on still another level, it is a polemic for the Tantric
  belief in the sacredness of male-female polarity in the form of thirty
  "Platonic Dialogues." General admission $10, students/seniors $6, free
  for Filmforum members. The Egyptian
  Theatre has a validation stamp for the Hollywood & Highland complex.
  Park 4 hours for $2 with validation.


San Francisco, California: El Rio
7PM , 3158 Mission St (@ Cesar Chavez)

  Mustache Cinema presents Nervy Animations -live 16mm projected works by
  Robert Breer, Lawerence Jordan, Martha Colburn, rare print by Frank
  Mouris and much more.. RT: 48min. Wednesday, June 3rd. show starts @ 7PM
  SHARP! FREE Admission, Popcorn & Mustaches

FRIDAY, JUNE 5, 2009

Chicago, Illinois: White Light Cinema
8:00pm, The Nightingale (1084 N. Milwaukee Ave.)

  Leslie Thornton is tentatively scheduled to introduce the screening live
  via webcam! ***** "Thornton's place in cinema history has already been
  assured for the sole reason that she is the author of Peggy and Fred in
  Hell." (Bill Krohn, Cahiers du Cinéma) ***** "[T]his series as a
  whole…represents the most exciting recent work in the American
  avant-garde, a saga that raises questions about everything while making
  everything seem very strange." (Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader)
  ***** A post-apocalyptic fairy tale for the modern age. ***** Now more
  than 25 years in the making, Leslie Thornton's extraordinary film and
  video serial PEGGY AND FRED IN HELL (1984-2008, approx. 90 mins., video)
  screens in it's most recent configuration. Featured last year at the
  2008 Whitney Biennial, PEGGY AND FRED has morphed and changed over the
  years, growing as Thornton incorporates new technology into her
  production. Originally shown with both 16mm and video parts, it is
  currently exhibited as a single-channel video work. ***** PEGGY AND FRED
  IN HELL follows two children, the eponymous Peggy and Fred, as they
  wander and make discoveries in an unspecified future. Part
  science-fiction, part comedy, part coming-of-age tale, part social
  critique, PEGGY AND FRED stands as one of the most inspired and
  consequential experimental works of the last quarter century. *****
  "Peggy and Fred in Hell, Thornton's ongoing and open-ended series, maps
  a surreal, quasi-apocalyptic realm littered with the detritus of a pop
  culture bursting at the seams. Castaways in this wilderness of signs,
  Peggy and Fred are, as Thornton states, "raised by television," their
  experience shaped by a palimpsest of science and science-fiction, new
  technologies and obsolete ones, half-remembered movies and the leavings
  of history. An exploration of the aesthetics of narrative form as well
  as the politics of the image, Thornton's rigorously experimental oeuvre
  has forged a unique and powerful syntax." (Electronic Arts Intermix)
  ***** "Peggy And Fred In Hell is one of the strangest cinematic
  artifacts of the last 20 years, revealing the abuses of history and
  innocence in the face of catastrophe, as it chronicles two small
  children journeying through a post-apocalyptic landscape to create their
  own world. Breaking genre restrictions, Thornton uses improvisation,
  planted quotes, archival footage and formless timeframes to confront the
  viewer's preconceptions of cause and effect." (Video Data Bank) ***
  Admission: $7.00-10.00 sliding scale


San Francisco, California: San Francisco Museum of Modern Art
3pm, 151 3rd Street - Phyllis Wattis Theater

  C'est Vrai, 1990, 60 min., video The Present, 1996, 24 min., 35mm Total
  running time: 84 min. C'est Vrai is a one-hour trip through New York
  City's Lower East Side, produced on video for French television without
  editing the narrative. It presents a startling juxtaposition of scripted
  fiction, which appears to be drawn from real life and improvised
  documentation that overlays the story when Peter Orlovsky arrives to
  confront the filmmaker. Simple objects, photographs, and events prompt
  Frank to self-conscious rumination in The Present. From his homes in New
  York and Nova Scotia and on visits to friends, the artist contemplates
  his relationships, the anniversary of his daughter's death, his son's
  mental illness, and his work. $5 general; free for SFMOMA members or
  with museum admission. Double features: films offered on the same date
  are included in one ticket. Also screened on Thursday, June 11th

SUNDAY, JUNE 7, 2009

Los Angeles, California: Filmforum
7:30 pm, Egyptian Theatre, 6712 Hollywood Blvd. at Las Palmas, , Los Angeles CA 90028.

  Los Angeles Filmforum presents The Festival of (In)appropriation:
  Contemporary Found Footage Filmmaking. Recent films that appropriate
  footage from diverse sources in vastly different ways, showing the range
  of approaches contemporary filmmakers are taking in repurposing found
  materials. Including The Blockbuster Tapes by Daniel Martinico (2008);
  Through these Trackless Waters by Elizabeth Henry (2007) Utopia
  Variations by Gregg Biermann (2008); The Game by Tasman Richardson
  (2007); TB TX Dance by Roger Beebe (2006); Untitled ("Tiny Bits") by
  Sandra Gibson (2009); Flicker On Off by Caroline Koebel (2008),
  Speechless by Scott Stark (2008) and more! General admission $10,
  students/seniors $6, free for Filmforum members.

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