kino21 SF 24-MAY-09: VAUDEVILLE FOLLIES: collage video, neo-benshi, flarf poetics

From: konrad (email suppressed)
Date: Thu May 21 2009 - 11:41:02 PDT

kino21's last show for a spell:

Sunday, May 24th, 8pm
Artists Television Access
992 Valencia
San Francisco, CA

From Brooklyn, New York, poets Nada Gordon and Gary
Sullivan lead an evening of poly-vocal poetics,
neo-benshi film narration, and mangled imagery.

Visiting the Bay Area live for one night only, the
latter-day vaudeville team of Gordon and Sullivan will
present their most recent poetry, performance and
video work showcased last month (fresh!) at The
Whitney Museum and Dixon Place in New York. Gordon and
Sullivan are founding members of the notorious and
irreverent Flarf Collective. They have been committed.
To hilarious and unsettling entertainment. Throughout
this millenium. They will premiere two live film
narration pieces, and read from their recent work.

Local poet-provocateur Erika Staiti will perform her
live film renarration of a short scene from "Woman
Under the Influence," which premiered last month in
the Los Angeles underground venue, Machine Project.

New York visual artist, montagist and poet Brandon
Downing will premiere several disturbingly funny new
video collages. Using a hilarious form of homophonic
translation of song lyrics as subtitles from Bollywood
movies, Downing dispaces the musical numbers into new
registers of meaning with both bawdy and poignant

  * * *

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