New Video on You Tube/Photo Essays on Flickr

From: Emile Tobenfeld (a.k.a Dr. T) (email suppressed)
Date: Wed May 20 2009 - 20:21:27 PDT

Hi folks,

I have some new work to share.

"Ice Fantasy" is a meditative visual music collaboration with
guitarist/composer Mike Marando. The source footage was shot over two
afternoons on some conservation land off of Rice Road in the town of
Wayland, MA. Most of the shots were taken at a single spot where a
narrow creek passes under a makeshift footbridge. The video
processing was done with filters that I designed and wrote as part of
my 'day job' at Boris Fx.

I created four sketches (also viewable on my You Tube channel) and
sent them to Mike on DVD. He created music for the four sketches and
sent it back to me. I decided to use two of the four sketches (Colors
and Cartoon), combined these two sketches, made a few edits and
completed the piece.

"One Minute of Sky" is a photo essay based on images I took before
work on May 15. I like to bring my camera on days I work at the
office -- taking a few pictures is a nice start to the day. The
office is located in a generic suburban office park, and I usually
photograph trees near where I park, I was running late the day I
took the original shots for "One Minute of Sky", and was going to
skip the photography -- until I looked up at the sky.

I quickly shot off about two dozen shots, which became the basis for
this photo-essay. I played with a lot of the images in Photoshop --
making especial use of the Boss Emboss filter from Flaming Pear. When
I looked at the timestamps for the original images, I realized that
it had taken me less than a minute to take them.

I've always been fascinated by the abstract patterns created by glass
bricks -- the interplay between reflected and transmitted light and
the distortions created by the complex refraction in the brick make
the images pretty psychedelic without need of Photoshoppery.

"Brandeis Glass Bricks" contains pictures that were taken on a fine
day in a building on the Brandeis campus -- I don't recall which one.

Sometimes when I clean the mirror in our downstairs bathroom,
sunlight coming in the side door, bouncing off the bathroom door and
then hitting the mirror, makes the abstract patterns of detergent on
mirror seem magical. The images in "Cleaning the Bathroom Mirror"
were taken during one such cleaning session.

" Practice makes perfect, imperfect is better."  -- Paul Bley
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