Re: self promotion (Ethnomite Pux)

From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Sun May 17 2009 - 15:01:53 PDT

> I am unsure if this fits into your 'experimental bracket'

Jamie: regarding your hesitation in the sentence above, I say, "WHO CARES IF IT'S EXPERIMENTAL OR NOT?"
(Except if you need to tick off a catagory for a festival.)
I'm wondering, what leads you to have to mention its (questioned) catagory, anyway?
For me, anyway, whether it's experimental is irrelevant.
Most of your stuff, most of the time, is great to look at.
Almost all the time you do surprising and compelling moving shapes, and always with
nifty soundtracks and georgeous colours which blow me away.

Usually, with any sort of work like this that I've seen, the maker doesn't give a shit about colour,
(or doesn't know the difference between having colours, and using colours well).
Even in this "Earty Morning . . . " job, which I may or may not be "getting",
your soft blue and tan on the walls behind the guy dancing, are Jamie-Cleeland-Perfect-Colours.
And the brown strip of the door way is just the right brown, and acts as a finial at the end of a balustrade, or a serif on a letter.
I can't figure your inserting the goony comic strip characters, but WHO CARES?
The whole thing is so full of the pleasures of exploring video (I"d use the word "joy", except it's been co-opted by advertising)
and of getting a kick out of exuberantly messing around, that I watch it and grin, frown, raise my eyebrows, grin some more,
very life affirming.

Anyway, to get back to your, " I am unsure if this fits into your 'experimental bracket",
   - If you make it I'll watch it.

I may (or may not) have asked you this before:
Is any of your stuff on DVD? I'd love to see it projected.
If you'd rather not answer me directly, mention it (Yay or Nay) in the next item you put on FrameWorks.

A friend of mine is getting his Masters at Slade, and I'm sending some of your URLs to him.

Jeffrey Paull

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