FW: Urgent: Cambodia's only independent film festival faces funding shutdown

From: jason rosette (email suppressed)
Date: Fri May 08 2009 - 01:58:22 PDT

FW: Urgent: Cambodia's only independent film festival faces funding shutdown

[Phnom Penh, Cambodia, May 8, 2009]

CAMBOFEST, Cambodia's first and only internationally recognized
independent film festival (now in it's 3rd year) is facing an
emergency funding shortage. Despite international acclaim and kudos
from industry professionals as varied as Julie and Roger Corman, the
festival is in imminent danger of shutdown due to significant funding

CAMBOFEST is also 100% diligent about presenting movies only with
public performance rights in place, with documented permission from
the copyright holders. This is a standard upheld by numerous motion
picture groups and associations, including the MPAA and others.

By striving to set an example in a region beset by rampant piracy and
weak IP standards, CAMBOFEST is doing its part to develop a viable
media industry in an emerging democracy.

But now, CAMBOFEST needs your help! Due to a funding gap precipitated
in part by the economic slowdown, we need to raise an emergency fund
to maintain normal operations and to avert a shutdown.

**ANY AMOUNT WILL HELP ** Please send an emergency donation to help us
maintain festival operations (office rent & back rent, staff
compensation, mailing and courier fees, and more). All supporters will
be listed on the CAMBOFEST website's sponsor page at
www.cambofest.com; contributors sending $50 or more will receive a
special “Best of CAMBOFEST 2008” DVD as our way of saying thanks.

1) PREFERRED METHOD=> your contribution will reach us more quickly and
will be available to us nearly instantly via the following gateway:


2) If you do prefer a tax-deduction according to code 501 (c) 3,
please note that we are being fiscally sponsored by the Media Alliance
of San Francisco, CA.

You may make a contribution via the Media Alliance at the following
link at Network for Good:


(be sure to specify for "CamboFest" in the notes details section of the page)

3) Or, mail a check to Media Alliance:

Media Alliance
1814 Mission Street # 205
San Francisco, CA 94103

(again, with “CamboFest” in the memo section)

CAMBOFEST's aim has always been to promote the re-emergence of a
viable media and movie industry in Cambodia, an LDC (lesser developed
country). The media sector here experienced near-total destruction
during the country's civil war and Khmer Rouge regime, and only today
is the industry making inroads towards a recovery in this developing

If you'd like to discuss more significant, longterm sponsorship of
CAMBOFEST, please email us at email suppressed

Thanks for your support; we'll update you on our situation at the end of May--

Ark'un Ch'ran,

J Rosette, Phun Sokunuthearith (aka Mr. Tol),
& the rest of the CAMBOFEST Team


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