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From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 07:31:08 PDT

I'm pretty sure that VNF 7250 was balanced for daylight use.
Your enlarger probably uses a tungsten bulb of some sort.
If both of thse are so, in addition to the filters-of-choice you're experimenting with,
use a filter that turns "Tungsten" light into the colour of "Daylight.
You can use a camera-taking version, called an "80B" or "80A" filter,
or use so-called "lighting media" filters that would go over the lights on the movie set.
The camera filter would probably be small, so you clould tape it to the bottom of your enlarger lens,
or rest it on the top of the lens inside the lens bellows.
If you use lighting media "Full blue" I think the colour is called, it isn't meant to be of optical quality since it's just going over a light.
So that means putting the lighting media in a filterdrawer ABOVE THE NEGATIVE, in the enlarger's filter drawer.
If you have no filter drawer, find the clearest, cleanest part of the lighting media and use it resting on top of the lens, or taped underneath.
If you've access to a movie production rental place, pay them a call, and tell the person behind the rental counter
what you're doing and you need a 3 (or 5?) inch sqaure ppiece of "Full Blue" for your enlarger,
and they will either give you a scrap (that will still work OK) or maybe they'll sell you a small sheet for a few bucks.
Baring any of that, ask Frameworks if anybody has a square they can mail you.


On Tue 05/05/09 08:56 , mat fleming email suppressed sent:
> Hi all,
> I'm playing with filters under an enlarger and on top of film
> (contact printing). I'm wondering if anyone has any experience of
> this?
> So far I've used some old 7250 and tried E6 and C41 processing.
> With E6 i get really muted colours compared to what I'm laying
> over the film
> with C41 i get an intense midnight blue cast. Neither of these are
> unpleasant, but I'm just curious about whether there is a way of
> getting more faithful results.
> Any ideas?
> Mat
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