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New Release from Microcinema DVD

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A Film is a Burning Place: Works by Enid Baxter Blader

$19.99/$75.00 SRP/Edu

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19.99 Euros / 13.99 GBP

Catalog #: MC-956

UPC: 880198095695


2009 - 55 mins


This compilation of experimental short films and videos by Enid Baxter
Blader unfolds like the pages of a lost diary, with fleeting glimpses into
an anonymous someone's memories and desires. A filmmaker, painter, and
bluegrass musician, Enid Baxter Blader finds inspiration in ruminations on
rural life, stormy weather of the emotional and environmental variety,
majestic landscapes, and small town civility. The DVD includes an essay by
novelist and journalist, Ben Ehrenreich.


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