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From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Apr 26 2009 - 19:01:19 PDT

Good morning, Leo -

This email comes to you from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I read of your interest in visual music in the FrameWorks email.
 By way of introduction to my own “visual music” work, I'll mention aspects of my teaching, and my work as a visual artist.
 If there is something of possible use to you, email me back.

1. I taught film production for over 30 years emphasizing the interplay of the musical-choreographic, and the storytelling
     aspects of cinema. Assignments alternated between non-story exercises that dealt with music-choreographic sensibility, and
    storytelling exercises that required attention to the music-choreographic aspects of the images and actions that told the story.

    It seems to have been helpful to many of the students

Our Community College students expected just job-training schooling.
    And yet, with Canada's population being about 10% of the USA's, past students have been awarded over $3,000,000.00
    in Arts grants to make non-commercial movies that are at home in festivals and museum showings.
    They have also received over 50 Canadian film industry awards.
    In addition to the various film maker poet-novelist-criticism types,
    nine have become full time film-photography artists and university art school professors.
    I like to think that the "visual music" emphasis expanded their sensitivity and understanding of how good movies can work.

2. A number of years ago, (before PCs and the digital realms), I was a visual artist with a group of five musicians.
     Visually, we used an array of 16 projectors - cine and stills - on a 30' tryptych screen above the musicians.
     Sometimes the musicians used theimprovised mix of images as a score to play off of, sometimes we modulated
     our images to express visually what the musicians were coming up with.
     Our California connections:
      We commissioned music by California composers David Rosenboom and Mort Subotnik, and performed at 1750 Arch street
      Center for New Music & Audio Technologies, (Berkeley), and the L.A. Museum of Art.

No need to answer this if what I've described isn't what you're after.

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