Media Study Buffalo - 35th Year Events (May 1st-3rd)

From: Ekrem Serdar (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Apr 19 2009 - 12:20:38 PDT

Hello Frameworkers,

  Hope to see you there!

*MAY 1 - 3, 2009 (Friday - Sunday)
112 Center for the Arts, University at Buffalo*

*Friday, May 1: Welcome*
2:00 PM Reminiscences of Administrators
3:30 PM Memories of Distinguished Visiting Faculty
7:30 PM Reminiscences of Jonas Mekas; Screening of *The Birth of a Nation*(1997)
9:00 PM Screening of Media Works by Early Students, 1973 - 1983

*Saturday, May 2*
10:00 AM Memories of Media Study Doctoral Students
2:00 PM Presentations by Early Media Study Creative Artists
4:30 PM Graduates Who are Now Chairs
7:30 PM Reminiscences of the Founding Faculty Members
9:00 PM Reception

*Sunday, May 3*
10:00 AM Teachers and Curators

*Participants:* Thom Anderson, Anthony Bannon, Peer Bode, Tony Conrad,
Marguerite Dorrity, Christine Downing, Arnold Dreyblatt, Seth Feldman, Barry
Grant, J. Ronald Green, Louisa Green, Brian Henderson, Kathy High, Bruce
Jenkins, Peter Lunenfeld, Jonas Mekas, Annette Michelson, John Minkowsky,
Scott Nygren, Gerald O’Grady, Robert O’Kane, Vladamir Petric, Robert
Polidori, Vibeke Sorensen, Steina, Woody Vasulka, Peter Weibel, Alan
Williams, Andrej Zdravic

-ekrem serdar
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