~ Filmmaker J Rosette comes to NYC from Cambodia ~

From: jason rosette (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Apr 15 2009 - 09:23:25 PDT

*** One night only! - April 24th, 6PM, New York City ***

Special appearance by filmmaker Jason Rosette ("BookWars" -
http://www.bookwarsmovie.com" * "Lost in New Mexico" -
http://www.lostinnewmexicomovie.com *)

He'll be in New York one night only (in town from Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
where he'll be presenting several new movies made over the past 4+ years
he's been living and working in SE Asia, including:

"Vuth Learns to Rock", a compelling and hilarious cross cultural Cambodian
rock n' roll documentary:


Mr. Rosette is also the founder of Cambodia's first and only independent
movie festival, CAMBOFEST (http://www.cambofest.com), and is developing a
new feature, the VN War-era drama, FREEDOM DEAL, with plans to shoot in
Cambodia and Thailand.

((( Q & A, discussions, etc to follow )))

1) First screening(s) will be at NYU, 721 Broadway, 6PM, rm 017...

2) ...afterwards, we haul ass over to MILLENIUM, 66 E 4th street to screen
again as part of the Open Screening Series, running from 7-10:30PM **

More information at http://WWW.CAMERADO.COM <http://www.camerado.com/>


J Rosette :: CAMERADO
CAMBO 855 012 194 2702 / 855 011 736 206
THAI 66 08 16179240
"Lost in New Mexico"->
"Vuth Learns to Rock"
CamboFest -> http://www.cambofest.com
CamboTube -> http://www.cambotube.com
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