Re: UK regulations for visiting artists

From: Raymond Salvatore Harmon (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Apr 14 2009 - 10:02:36 PDT

I think the big issue here isnt about artists who want to come into the UK for festivals and one off events, its about residencies and long term stay. The new rules outlined on the Homeoffice site discuss length of stay for artists. So if you are a university or other organization wanting to bring in a long term visitor (someone staying months, not days) who is being paid a stipend or salary then you have to do all of this running around.

I agree that sucks, buts its no different than in the States. Thats were the "artists not showing up to their studios" bit comes in. The assumption here is that they are resident artists staying in the UK for a period of time and their sponsor organization must be accountable for them.

Again, it all sucks and the restraint on travel of artists does make life difficult. But try getting a performance license in Chicago to charge at the door of your fully licensed bar and you will get the same kind of run around. Its just the way the game gets played.


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