Re: BFI Transgression "Where Evil Dwells"

From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Sun Apr 12 2009 - 22:32:55 PDT

That's odd - this is the only time I've heard about this happening -
I haven't watched the BFI tape for ages, but I remember it was all fine


On 10 Apr 2009, at 15:39, Bill Seery wrote:

> Was watching a copy of the BFI's PAL VHS "A HISTORY OF THE AVANT-
> GARDE: CINEMA OF TRANSGRESSION" on a multi-standard deck today.
> Everything looked good (relatively speaking) until I came to "Where
> Evil Dwells" The image was panning cyclically up and down (not
> rolling). I had it in underscan, was going through scopes and it
> did not look like a signal problem. I output directly in PAL,
> converted it to NTSC, even tried SECAM, no difference. Tried
> several different decks, same thing.
> I worked on the restoration of it so I know that it shouldn't do
> that. It was followed by "Cornella" by Kembra Pfahler which did
> the same thing. The rest of the tape seemed fine.
> If anyone out there has this tape, especially in a PAL country,
> could you take a moment and see if your copy does the same? You'll
> notice it immediately in the title sequence of "Evil" or any other
> scene that runs for a few seconds without edits. Can't believe the
> BFI would release something that way, so I'm trying to figure out
> if it's on my end and what would cause it. I could understand if it
> were the entire tape, but not 2 independent sections.
> Thanks
> Bill Seery
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