Negative Cutter Needed

From: Ashley Connor (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Apr 03 2009 - 14:15:01 PDT

Hello Frameworkers,

I am a student working on my thesis film and am in need of a negative
cutter. I'll be sending the cutter a workprint, not an EDL file and with
titles. I have been getting some suggestions from my professors, but the
ones I have talked to have all raised their cutting prices by a whole lot.
 Example, since December one raised his from $5.50 per cut to $10 per cut.

I cut my own negative last semester and it was a very stressful experience,
so I understand charging a good amount, but there is no way I can afford $10
per cut (recessions are not good for anyone, obviously). I would really
like to find someone willing to work with a student and offer a reasonable
rate. The film should be about 5 minutes and I'm not anticipating having a
ton of quick cuts or anything like that and I've shot roughly 1000 feet of
film for the project.

I live in Ithaca and the lab I use is Alphacine in Seattle. I am willing to
send my stuff to anywhere in the US. If anyone on Frameworks is interested
in cutting the negative, please let me know! I would rather work with
someone who is friendly and excited about experimental filmmaking, but
basically I just need to start talking to someone ASAP.

Thanks everyone!
-Ashley Connor

PS If this email comes out a couple times, I AM SORRY, my gmail was doing
some crazy things and it kept rejecting the message. Hopefully this is the
first time you'll see it and I have finally done something right.

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