French films: place, nature and landscape (suggestions?)

From: Scott Ross (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Apr 02 2009 - 13:38:37 PDT

I'm doing research on French (and francophone) films that depict
landscapes, the natural world, or a strong "sense of place" in
interesting ways. For example, I'm looking at "JLG/JLG autoportrait en
décembre" for Godard's use of the Lausanne countryside, short
documentaries by Jean Painlevé, and Michael Snow's "La Région
central." Does anyone have any suggestions for films or scholarly
criticism on the subject? I'm not restricting myself solely to
experimental works. I'm looking in particular for films available
online, on VHS, or on DVD, since I don't have access to projectors at
my school. Thanks!

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