Re: Airport X-Rays

From: Mark Toscano (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 31 2009 - 09:04:08 PDT

Actually, another time very recently (I think going to NYC from LAX? can't remember), I had the Bolex in my carry-on bag, put it through the X-ray at security (no film in it), and the X-ray monitor sees it on his screen.

He: "Sir, is that a camera in your bag?'
Me: 'Yes.'
He: 'You're supposed to remove all digital cameras from their bags and put them in one of the tubs.'
Me: 'But it's not a digital camera, it's a film camera.'
He: 'Oh, well you're still supposed to remove all major electronic devices from your bag to be X-rayed separately.'
Me: 'But it's not electronic, it's a wind-up camera, totally mechanical. Like a Swiss clock. I'll show it to you if you want to make sure.'
He: 'Next time make sure you remove all major electronic devices from your bag before X-ray.'
Me: 'OK, sure thing.'


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> Hi Mark,
> I loved your story.
> I have had a similar encounter with tsa personnel being
> utterly fascinated by the Bolex, amazed that it is so
> mechanical, is wind-up and uses film. They want to know how
> it works and to see inside. For once it doesn't feel
> like a full-body-search.
> The effects of strong x-ray can be useful, though. A roll
> that ended up being passed through airport x-ray machines
> three or four times and which I considered not processing,
> thinking it was surely doomed, actually came out looking
> nice. It lost a bit of contrast and seemed to be grainier,
> but it softened it in a way that, were I to try and engineer
> such an effect, would have taken considerable effort.
> Checking in over and over again to achieve this, though,
> might be hard to explain to the policemen strong-arming
> hapless filmmaker off to the nearest airless chamber for,
> well, let's not go there.
> Julie Murray


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