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Date: Thu Mar 26 2009 - 11:32:51 PDT

Christmas Cocks and Cunts on Earth?


On Thu 26/03/09 13:49 , ADAM ABRAMS email suppressed sent:
> .hmmessage P { margin:0px; padding:0px } body.hmmessage {
> font-size: 10pt; font-family:Verdana } we showed the film a bit
> ago, and it's tremendous. went over a storm here. not a walkout in
> the bunch. people really dug it. i'm going to propose a fusion of
> the two titles. christmas on earth:cocks and cunts, or vice versa.
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> Date: Thu, 26 Mar 2009 11:49:33 -0400
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> History remembers Barbara Rubin's, only famous, and to my
> knowledge, only critically acclaimed, film, as CHRISTMAS ON EARTH.
> Rubin died of postnatal infection in France at the age of thirty-five
> in 1980 2 Jack not in 1968 or 1969 as you had formally thought.
> However, as many of you know, that film originally had quite a
> different title. Originally it was called COCKS AND CUNTS. No shit. I
> shit you not. Though I think it is time for us to collectively
> move beyond Freud, and anyone, notwithstanding Ernie Gehr, who has
> ever seen Hollis Frampton's Zorn's Lemma is sure to agree with me, 3
> let's not forget what Freud said. Freud said that man is the only
> animal that is not offended by the smell of his own shit. I think that
> is what he said. It was something like that. Are there any Freudian
> scholars out there in this limited audience of about seven-hundred
> that know? Do a fella a favor and correct me if I'm wrong. Please.
> Anyway, it went all the way from COCKS AND CUNTS to CHRISTMAS ON EARTH
> in one fell swoop. I was wondering if my fellow frameworkers would
> like to cast their vote for which title they like best. I cast mine
> unequivocally for COCKS AND CUNTS, as this title is the title that the
> artist, Barbara Rubin, originally intended. 4 Although I admit I
> have never actually seen the film, and probably never will,
> furthermore, notwithstanding the basic tenet that I hold dear that
> says it is impossible to discuss a film that one has never seen, from
> the description of the work I've heard, while CHRISTMAS ON EARTH may
> be the more saleable title and thus appeals to large audiences, I
> would argue that the original title COCKS AND CUNTS better describes
> the film and is therefore the more fitting. What is your opinion? Vote
> your mind! Vote your conscious! But whatever you do. Please. Vote! If
> I can provide the necessary documents that show that we have an
> unanimous consensus then maybe I can take this to the Library of
> Congress or the National Film Board of Canada or whoever it is, Ms.
> Kate D. Levin perhaps at the mayors office?, that is in charge of such
> things and make the change official.
> Fred (Stamper! Stamper! it rhymes with... with... ???. That's right!
> Right you are! You got it! You got it 'cause round things are boring.
> O.K. "All together now, one, two, three. Keep your mind on your
> drivin'..." 5 ) Davidson Boca Raton
> 1 NEVER GIVE AN INCH, prod. John Foreman, Frank Caffey, Paul Newman,
> dir. Paul Newman, 1971, 35mm, 113 min.
> 2 Daniel Belasco, "Barbara Rubin: The Vanished Prodigy", Art Signal
> Contemporary Art Magazine,
> [1] (accessed March 18, 2009)
> 3 Various Authors, "Zorns Lemma (film)", Wikipedia, The Free
> Encyclopedia, [2]
> (accessed March 18, 2009)
> 4 Ms. Holly Smith, "Comments written by registered user
> purplehayes76", The Internet Movie Database (IMDb),
> [3] (accessed March 18,
> 2009)
> 5 "Dee doody doom doom, dee doody doom doom, dee doody doom doom,
> DOOM."
> P.S. Jay and/or Joel over there on Bush St. west of Van Ness, And who
> else? Who else? There is one more name not accounted for. You have
> twelve names: Paul America, Susan Bottomly, Ann Buchanan, Freddy
> Herko, Jane Holzer, Dennis Hopper, Billy Name, Nico, Richard Rheem,
> Lou Reed, Edie Sedgwick, Ingrid Superstar and ... and who is the last
> one? Would it be Barbara Rubin by any strange twist of fate?
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