From: Jack Sargeant (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Mar 27 2009 - 18:51:04 PDT

23rd April, 7:30pm MuMeson Archives, Paramatta Road, Annandale rear
of King Furniture.

Huncke And Louis (Laki Vazakas, 1999)

"the greatest storyteller I know" - Jack Kerouac

The Australian premiere of Laki Vazakas' unique beat documentary
which follows the lives of original beat writer Herbert Huncke and
his friend Louis Cartwright for six years. Herbert Huncke was a key
figure amongst the beats: a genuine outsider who ran away from home
at 12, was busted at 14, and survived by his wits for the rest of his

It was Huncke who introduced the term 'beat' to a group of young
writers in the '40s, Huncke was part of the New York underworld that
the other beats gravitated toward. It was Huncke who helped Dr.
Alfred Kinsey, introducing the Times Square sexual underground to the
researcher. It was Huncke who spent years in prison.

Huncke's books The Evening Sun Turned Crimson and Guilty of
Everything are painfully observed yet beautiful accounts of existence
at the margins. The youthful criminal Huncke was immortalized in the
work of Ginsbourg, Kerouac and Burroughs, but Vazakas film offers the
most compelling portrait, itself a work of cinematic literature. By
turns heartbreaking, visionary, and shocking this compelling film is
not to be missed.

Huncke And Louis is screened to celebrate the publication of the
third, expanded edition of Jack Sargeant's Naked Lens: Beat Cinema. A
limited number of copies will be available for purchase at the

a handful of copies of both the new expanded editions of Naked Lens:
Beat Cinema & Deathtripping will be available on the night...

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