Re: Cats and critics

From: Cari Machet (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 26 2009 - 17:06:26 PDT

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On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 10:35 AM, Fred Camper <email suppressed> wrote:

> I posted an opinion of a film, just a few sentences, and got ensnared in
> yet another "meta" thread. As malgosia so clearly pointed out, if stating an
> opinion of a film is going to lead, as it did here and for me too, to "being
> attacked, disrespected, patronized, required to provide credentials,
> inducted into a group-therapy session, bored to death," then we are in big
> trouble.
> Cari, I have some questions for you. Where and in what year did you see
> "Gabriel," and in what format?

i have seen a mountain of films i live in nyc
and went to school at the art institute of chicago where i studied film
history - which had nothing to do with hollywood film - so... i cannot tell
you where i saw zorn's lemma and i don't know how many times i have seen it
- i know i saw most brakhage at millenium with him present

> And have we actually met, and where and in what year and in what city?

i listen to you speak at the memorial of stan here in nyc - here in LIC
as i was incredibly unhappy about my friends death i did not bounce around
the room introducing myself to people
i have dealt with you on this list, gone to your website...
i know stuff from the community here in nyc - whatever

does this satisfy your list obsession/urge/need?
if not sorry (so boring)

> I have a terrible memory for faces and for social encounters, but you write
> as if we are online and offline pals. We are not. And if "i have actually
> seen freds actual body and have experienced his writing many times," what
> and where were those times you saw my "body"? As for the "many times" you
> have experienced my writing, I'd question that too, because you didn't seem
> to know that I've written on many avant-garde, Hollywood, and other
> filmmakers.
> If you are also saying that my status as an "authority" in your mind makes
> me less eligible to express my opinions, then I beg to differ. Frankly, if,
> say, P. Adams Sitney expresses reservations about a film I love, or love for
> a film I dislike, I will take that more seriously than the opinion of
> someone from whom I have learned nothing.

good point
though i think we should try and think for ourselves
this is where the subjective part of art comes into play
maybe there is just a different set of needs for artists vs. critics

> Let me again point out that this all started because you responded to my
> criticism of a film not with comments on the film but with a personal attack
> on me.

awwe fred no publicity is bad publicity
try to enjoy

> Fred Camper
> Chicago
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