Christmas on Earth

From: David Tetzlaff (email suppressed)
Date: Thu Mar 26 2009 - 15:32:25 PDT

I have seen this film several times. I do not think 'Cocks and Cunts'
is a good title. For one thing, it's not properly descriptive.
There's not much cock visible and an awful lot of cunt. Also, it has
no poetry, and makes the film sound like no more than a porno. It's
both less and more than that of course.

As for whether the audience walks out or not: it's important to note
that Christmas on Earth is a two projector piece with random
elements, and a lot of the experience depends on how it is projected:
what the projectionist chooses for a soundtrack, and whether and how
colored gels are employed during the screening.

When i have shown it in my class, I have both projectors in the
auditorium, rather than the booth, and i leave an assorted pile of
gels by each projector. I invite everyone everyone in the house to
take a turn playing with the gels. The participatory nature works
well with the very 60's all-inclusive polymorphous perversity on the
screen. It's a good time.

I totally disagree with James Cole that putting people off is one of
the major goals of the film, and I have to wonder how it was shown
when he saw it.

It makes for an interesting comparison with (IMHO the much inferior)

'Christmas on Earth' it should stay. Perhaps it could be billed as
_CHRITMAS ON EARTH_ (formerly, _Cocks and Cunts_).

Fred D., you need to see it.

Also, AFAIK, FMC has the only print in circulation. I think this film
is in desperate need of preservation, and that would be a far
worthier campaign than an attempt to change the title.

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