Re: frozen chemicals redux

From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Mar 24 2009 - 00:15:25 PDT

G-g-g-reetings, Amanda,

Wow! Frozen solid!
When you get the chems back up to temp, watch for solid material that
hasn't gone back into solution.
You may have to warm a solution to maybe 45 degrees and stir quietly to get it to re-dissolve.
If it won't, filtering's not good beause you'd be removing some amount of chemical component
and throw off the balance of what's left

Hypo/fix probably has the most solid material dissolved in it, but warming and stirring should get the crystals all back in solution.

Also, in future: Kodak's help page - email or 888 number live.

Jeffrey Paull

On Mon 23/03/09 21:55 , amanda christie email suppressed sent:
> greetings frameworkers,
> 2 questions...
> 1. i am now on frameworks digest setting... how do i switch back to
> the other way? i very much prefer having the email titles to sift
> through....
> 2. frozen chemicals... yes... the building that i both work and live
> in, is not insulated in some parts... and it looked like spring was
> here last week... with sunshine and melting snow indicating that all
> was safe for liquid work... but we just got wacked with another cold
> snap and snow fall (another 10 cm of snow falling tonight)... and now
> i have several buckets of d-19 developer, r-9 bleach, and hardening
> fixer that have frozen solid.... i can melt them tomorrow... and i'm
> assuming they'll be fine... but....
> has anyone here ever worked with chemicals that had frozen (and then
> rethawed)? i'm assuming that it will be fine, and i'll run a test
> just in case... i can't imagine that the freezing and rethawing will
> change the molecular structure... but who knows....
> any tips, advice or experiential anecdotes would be much appreciated.
> oh... and unanounced #3rd item... i just re-launched my new
> redesigned website... it still has a few
> kinks and broken links, but if anyone has the time to offer feedback
> and design suggestions i'm still tweaking stuff and would love more
> thoughts and opinions.
> okay... well... good snowy monday evening everyone...
> from balmy sackville, nb
> amanda d christie
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