Proud Flesh Screening - Sonntag, 22. März 2009 / Beginn : 20.00 Uhr.

From: Klaus W. Eisenlohr (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Mar 21 2009 - 07:04:21 PDT

HAIR-E and Directors Lounge presents:

Proud Flesh
A film by Chiara Giovando and Jenny Gräf
Sheppard. Premiered in Baltimore July 2008.
Experimental Western shot in the Badlands and in Baltimore, MD.
Original score by Chiara Giovando and Jenny Gräf Sheppard (Harrius/Metalux).

Sunday, 22 March 2009 / screening: 20.00 Uhr.

GDK Galerie der Künste
Potsdamer Straße 98
D-10785 Berlin

Bus: M29 /M48 /M85 bis Potsdamer Brücke

"Proud Flesh" was filmed in the Badlands National
Park in South Dakota, "1880's Town" a replica of
a historic town using original buildings from the
era, and Baltimore, MD. According to Jenny Gräf
Sheppard, the film is a Western but changes into
a totally different direction. The film contains
violence, guns, blood and loneliness like in a
"real Western", however it also has a mythical,
ritual-like quality both in its acting and in its
story-line. Since early beginnings, avant-garde
filmmakers have been interested in rituals (like
Maya Deren) and using film to "transfigure" them
in time. However, it is unusual to see this
stance applied to the Western genre and the
settings of historical costumes and places of
that time. "I've always been interested in
picturing women in that condition (of the John
Ford Western, KWE), and an older woman that
position ... picturing older women in the
traditional young, male role." With their debut
film, the two filmmakers and musicians, Jenny
Gräf Sheppard and Chiara Giovando have composed a
congenial mixture of film, music and reflections
of the American story.
  (Klaus W. Eisenlohr / Directors Lounge, more infos at Praise)

Jenny, who will have a solo concert on Saturday
21, at
Sorge, the previous night, will be present in
person and available for Q&A. This evening will
be the German premiere of "Proud Flesh".

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