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American Avant Garde Film (1947-1986) (2 Vol) Treasures IV from American

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2008 312 min


Treasures IV from American Film Archives Treasures IV presents works by 27
artists - from Bruce Baillie to Andy Warhol - who worked outside the
mainstream and redefined American cinema in the decades following World War
II. "The American avant-garde presents a stunning alternate history of
cinema - an entirely different set of possibilities, another world of images
and sounds - but the films have always been difficult to see," said NFPF
Board member Martin Scorsese, who wrote the foreword to the Treasures IV
program notes. "That is why I'm so excited by this new set in the Treasures
from American Film Archives series." The five-hour set samples an array of
film types and styles, from abstract animation to documentary.

Showcasing classics as well as rediscoveries, Treasures IV includes Hollis
Frampton's (nostalgia); The Riddle of Lumen by Stan Brakhage; Go! Go! Go!,
Marie Menken's love note to New York City; Fog Line by Larry Gottheim; New
Improved Institutional Quality by Owen Land; Andy Warhol's drag queen
portrait Mario Banana (No. 1); Ken Jacob's Little Stabs at Happiness and Ron
Rice's Chumlum, both with Jack Smith; and The End, Christopher Maclaine's
Beat meditation on the bomb; as well as works by Bruce Baillie, Wallace
Berman, Robert Breer, Shirley Clarke, Joseph Cornell, Storm De Hirsch,
Lawrence Jordan, George Kuchar, Standish Lawder, Saul Levine, Jonas Mekas,
Robert Nelson and William T. Wiley, Pat O'Neill, Paul Sharits, Jane Conger
Belson Shimane, Harry Smith, and Chick Strand.

Treasures IV is the first anthology of the period available on DVD. The
works are selected from the preservation work of five of the nation's
foremost avant-garde film archives: the Academy Film Archive of the Academy
of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Anthology Film Archives, the Museum of
Modern Art, the Donnell Media Center of New York Public Library, and the
Pacific Film Archive. None of the films have been available before in
high-quality video.


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