Images Festival 2009 Accreditation

From: Pablo de Ocampo (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 18 2009 - 18:50:48 PDT

Hello frameworkers,

The Images Festival, North America¹s premiere venues for experimentation,
artist-driven and unconventional work in the media arts, is but a couple
weeks away. From April 2 to 11 in Toronto we will present more than 200
films, videos, installations and performances seeking to transform and
reinvent media arts's potential!

In an effort to unite artists with those who enable their work to be seen,
the Images Festival offers free accreditation to those members of the
industry who wish to attend, whether as writer, distributor, curator or
festival programmer. If you are somewhat nearby and have time to make it
out, we would love to have you.

Please fill out the form at the address below before March 27 if you wish to
receive industry accreditation. You will be contacted by March 27 to confirm
that your request was approved. If you would like information on
accommodations via our hospitality partners in Toronto, please email us
directly: images [at]

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Artistic Director
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