Brakhage Symposium!

From: Jeanne LIOTTA (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Mar 11 2009 - 18:45:26 PDT

taking place this weekend in Boulder CO with special guest programmers STeve SEid and Mark McElhatten, and many invited artists. Includes performances by Ben Coonley and Bruce McLure. Check it:

The Stan Brakhage Symposium

The Fifth Annual Brakhage Symposium
March 14 and 15, 2009
10:00 a.m. — 9:00 p.m.
University of Colorado at Boulder

Day 1: Steve Seid

Day 2: Mark McElhatten

Quickly becoming a tradition in the world of avant-garde filmmaking and artistry, the Stan Brakhage Symposium will again be hosted this year by the Colorado University's Film Studies Department. This symposium will be unlike any before it. Spanning over two days, two programmers from cities on either side of the country will meet and share works here on the Front Range. What Brakhage began, the symposium seeks to continue, by each year bringing members of the film and video community together, not only to celebrate art, but to share ideas and promote the evolution of the moving image.

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