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From: Mike Sperlinger LUX (email suppressed)
Date: Tue Feb 24 2009 - 03:40:04 PST

LUX is pleased to announce the publication of several new DVDs, as
well as a new online webshop for DVDs and books.

Two new monographic DVDs have been released this month: George
Barber: Beyond Language and Emily Richardson: 6 Films. In addition,
LUX's Afterimages releases - a series of DVDs of classic works
including Vivienne Dick, Peter Gidal, Malcolm Le Grice and Lis Rhodes
- are now available for individual purchase for the first time. See
below for details.

All LUX DVDs, as well as a range of self-published artists' titles
and other publishers' releases, are available through LUX's new
online shop: For information on wholesale or
library orders, or more information on specific titles, please
contact (address suppressed)

A pioneer of British video art, once described in Art Monthly as ‘the
Henry Ford of independent video’ George Barber gained an
international reputation with ‘Scratch Video’, an original fast-
cutting, multi-layered rhythmic genre of work in the 1980s. Moving
away from Scratch in the early 1990s, Barber created many low-tech
video pieces and was influential in defining the then emergent
‘slacker’ aesthetic.

Emily Richardson’s films explore landscapes and environments to
reveal the way that activity, movement and light is inscribed in
place. Traversing an extraordinarily diverse range of landscapes
including empty East End streets, forests, North Sea oil fields, post-
war tower blocks and Cold War military facilities Richardson’s films
offer a dazzling deconstruction of place and time. They focus the
mind and eye to detail, finding transcendence and emotion in the

An ongoing series of DVD releases of classic British and Irish
artists' works, with discs currently including Vivienne Dick, Peter
Gidal, Malcolm Le Grice and Lis Rhodes. All of the DVDs have been
made from high-quality digital masters and restorations. These
releases finally make available key works such as Le Grice's Berlin
Horse, Gidal's Room Film (1973), Rhodes' Light Reading (1978) and
Dick's Guerillére Talks, (1978). Originally given a limited release
for college or library purchase, these are now available for retail
for the first time. In each case, the DVD is supplemented by
extensive information online about the artist and their works at

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