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Date: Mon Feb 23 2009 - 09:19:59 PST


You indeed purchased a Regular 8 (R8) camera. As you probably now realize,
it takes 16mm film with sprocket holes specific for use in 8mm cameras. You
shoot the roll of 25ft film which exposes half the frame, turn the film over
and shoot another 25ft. After processing the film is split and spliced

Although I haven't tried this, I'm told you can still project this film with
a standard 16mm projector if you don't have it split after processing. You
would basically see two frames simultaneously on the screen which may be of
interest to you as a technique. Keep in mind that one frame would be right
side up, while the other would be upside down due to the way the film goes
through the camera. If you want both frames right side up you would have to
shoot the last 25ft with the camera upside down.

If you didn't pay much for the camera and it works you might want to keep it
or this technique.

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  Hello everyone,

  I kinda of screwed up when i bought this camera, Quarz 2x8S-1M FILM MOVIE

  The camera and it's zoom lens was manufactured at KRASNOGORSK factory in
Moscow, USSR.

   Technical data
  Camera Type: movie film, film type: standard 16mm film, frame size:
4x5.5mm, 12, 18, 24, 36 frames/sec preset, internal light meter, single
frame shooting, spring drive motor, intershangeable lenses.

  Lens: Jupiter-24M 1.9/12.5

  Let me say first that i know nothing about 16mm camera's and was super
excited to find this one which seemed quite compact and a good reasonable
price. i purchased it from from ebay. before purchasing it did show it to a
friend who knows about camera's and he too assumed it was 16mm but its NOT!!
it takes 16mm but its actually an 8mm?!?! goddess help me!
  does anyone know if it takes any kind of 16mm film??

  i feel like an idiot but....
  i have not received it and i did speak with the seller about this but....
  the ad was a bit misleading but ultimately it was my fault. so know i have
a camera that i did not want??



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