Re: Question about Crossroads

From: Mark Webber (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 21 2009 - 14:00:58 PST

mark (and all)

it's not A RAINBOW IN CURVED AIR on the second half of CROSSROADS -
it's a solo organ piece by terry riley. for many years it was
unreleased but i have a sneaky feeling it might have since come out on
one of the organ of corti releases ... away from home right now so i
can't check to be sure. i always found it to be one of the most
amazing pieces of music terry has recorded.


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> Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 18:42:47 -0800
> From: Mark Toscano <email suppressed>
> Subject: Re: Question about Crossroads
> Can't say for certain Bruce never did some variation of the film
> like what you're describing, but I don't think so. The version you
> describe sounds like the film as I've always known it. And some
> descriptions I've read from mid-'70s screenings seem to suggest it's
> generally been the same throughout the years.
> The first soundtrack piece is actually a Patrick Gleeson piece (not
> natural sound of the bomb or anything) and the second is Terry
> Riley's A Rainbow in Curved Air.
> The + is, at least in part, a sort of re-centering device for the
> viewer, not to mention, I think, a pretty complex and suggestive
> metaphor. Bruce was always a master of suggestion, playing it both
> subtly and extremely unsubtly, which I've always loved.
> Actually, I've always wondered if Bruce had at all been influenced
> by the Xs in Snow's La Region Centrale.
> Mark T

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