Re: Prelinger in Pittsburgh

From: Pierce, Greg (email suppressed)
Date: Sat Feb 21 2009 - 10:53:14 PST

Hello, All.
For those living in and around Western PA here's an announcement for

Excerpts from Our Secret Century in 35mm
Media Archivist / Archaeologist Rick Prelinger in person
Friday, February 27 at 8pm
Admission $12

Program includes:
Master Hands (1936) sponsored by Chevrolet
American Look (1958) sponsored by Chevrolet & General Motors, the
definitive Populuxe film
Plus Jack Kuttner's A Trip Down Market Street (1905) and other surprises

For over two decades, Rick Prelinger of the Prelinger Library & Archives
and the Internet
Archive has been collecting and studying America's ephemeral films. Many
of these are
commercial and industrial films, created under the sponsorship of a
large company to promote a
product, idea, or lifestyle and, in a sense, to lure citizens into
becoming better workers, students,
or consumers. However dated these films may be, they are compact
memories of America's past that
reveal how we lived and were supposed to live. Prelinger offers us a
glimpse at "our secret
century" with a program of 35mm films from his collection.

One of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh
117 Sandusky Street (North Shore)
For more information call 412.237.8300 or visit

Rick will also be speaking at the University of Pittsburgh's
Preservation Fair 2009 that is being be held on Saturday the 28th at the
Carnegie Museum of Natural History. The Fair is open to the public from
10 AM until 4 PM. Rick's talk will be held in the Museum's Earth
Theater, between 11:30 AM and 1 PM. Please go to at for the list of events and exhibitors.

Greg Pierce
Assistant Curator of Film and Video
The Andy Warhol Museum

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