Re: Coupla' Questions -

From: JEFFREY PAULL (email suppressed)
Date: Wed Feb 18 2009 - 03:23:35 PST

Perhaps you'd care to answer some of the questions below.
Your situation is so important (and miserable) to you, more info would help to give well-thought-out answers.

40 hours a week? What prevents you, presently, from getting stuff done when you're away from your internship?

How/why your internship in the first place? School credits? Only way to later better work?

What's so sceamingly bad? Boring? Co-workers? What's being made?

Why do you deserve better?

If you could wave that magic wand, WHAT SORT OF MOVIE WOULD YOU MAKE? WHY?

Exp. filmmakers I know -
    - Has an independant source of money,
    - Is a househusband (w/ part time seasonal work) and the wife/partner brings home the bacon -
        2 kids, makes one movie evry 3-4 years,
    - Teaches full time, so does his wife, one kid, made a number of very high quality films previous to teaching,
    - Scrounges to make a living, 2 kids, divorced,
    - Is a postie, starts very early, but home by 2pm. (And his partner, not an artist, works as well.) No kids.
    - after 7 years scrounging work has reliable editing job (cable "house" show) work in which he has no personal interest,
       but $$$ so he can take months off between seasons or gigs,
    - knows how to write grant applications, and their previous work already merits grants for further work


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