Re: Filmmakers residencies in NY

From: Dinorah de Jesús Rodriguez (email suppressed)
Date: Mon Feb 16 2009 - 09:51:15 PST

There is a nice month-long residency opportunity at Visual Studies
Workshop in Rochester, New York (upstate, near Canadian border - home
of Eastman Kodak) . I am not sure if they admit international
artists, but i would guess that they do. this is NOT a luxurious-
type residency a la MacDowell - more like college student living.
VSW is a small MFA program that invites visiting artists to work on
their own projects while being around to occasionally mentor their
very small group of students. you do not get to live in the lap of
luxury, but they pay a small stipend to help out with food and living
expenses, and the facility has lots of great equipment and resources,
including a huge state of the art mac media lab, film/video archive,
16mm to DV telecine machine, cameras and other production equipment,
and a 16mm edit suite. i have been there twice and gotten lots of
work done, including hand-processing of 16mm film in any of their
several darkrooms.

btw, your screening program sounds wonderful - would love to be in
Dublin for it!

enjoy today...

Dinorah de Jesús Rodríguez
Film/Video Artist and Freelance Writer

On Feb 16, 2009, at 8:33 AM, Esperanza Collado wrote:

> Dear all,
> I am trying to track down residencies in New York for young
> filmmakers, or something similar where someone who finished film
> studies recently could go to for a period in order to erase all the
> conventions learned previously hahaha. The residency should admit
> European filmmakers.
> Please, help me.
> Many thanks
> e.
> PD. Oh, and this month's programme of films for the Experimental
> Film Club in Dublin (Ireland) is up on our blog.
> Gems on this programme are
> Isidore Isou's Venom and Eternity (1951),
> Brakhage's The Dante Quartet (1987),
> Aldo Tambellini's Black Films (1965-67)
> You can read what I wrote here
> The programme could not have been completed without Pip's generous
> help and wise advise. Thank you Pip.
> --
> -----------------Esperanza Collado
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For info on FrameWorks, contact Pip Chodorov at <email suppressed>.