Lithuania and the Collapse of the USSR , new work by Jonas Mekas opening screening Tonight

From: LBurchill (email suppressed)
Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 08:22:55 PST

It just occurred to me that many of you may be interested in knowing about
the latest video work by Jonas Mekas opening tonight in NYC at Anthology
Film Archives. The party reception starts at 5PM, screening is at 6:30PM
for those of you in town. Lithuania and the Collapse of the USSR will
continue to screen at Anthology through 2/15.

Here's Jonas' description:

"The video is made up of footage that I took
with my Sony camera from the television newscasts
during the collapse of the USSR, with the
home noises in the background.

It's a capsule record of what happened and
how it happened during that crucial period
as recorded by the television newscasters.

It can be also viewed as a classic Greek drama
in which the destinies of nations are changed
drastically by the unbending, boarding on irrational
will of one single man, one small nation
determined to regain its freedom, backed by
Olympus in its fight against the Might & Power
against the Impossible."

I worked on this piece with him and have seen it many, many, many times from
start to finish (it is 4 hours 49 minutes long) and keep discovering new
things in the material.

Lithuania and the Collapse of the USSR
screening 2.6 - 2.15,
Anthology Film Archives
2nd & 2nd, New York, New York

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